Our blends were born out of a desire to make Kombucha easy and accessible to everyone. Kombucha for ALL!


As we already know, drinking Kombucha daily benefits your digestive health, energy levels, and overall wellness. However, most Kombuchas on the market have a strong fermented vinegar taste, are loaded with sugar, high in calories, require refrigeration, and come in bulky glass or plastic bottles. So we decided that today's Kombucha needed a reboot and we flipped the script to develop a convenient, delicious, and healthy way to enjoy Kombucha, anytime and anywhere!


Introducing our Theory of Kombucha grab and go powder packets. Every serving contains precise quantities of Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Apple Cider Vinegar. Our booch is sugar FREE, Kosher, vegan, and alcohol-free: think concentrated gut health without additives. Theory of Kombucha is also environmentally-friendly. Just use a reusable water bottle and eliminate the waste of single use plastic or glass.


Simply open our on-the-go packets, pour, shake, and elevate your daily hydration!