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Our Theory

Whether it's your gut health or your energy level
We simply want to help YOU
be a better YOU


What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea well known for its countless health benefits.

Traditionally brewed with Black or Green tea, this naturally carbonated beverage contains vitamins as well as beneficial bacteria & yeast.
It also produces healthy acids that help the body to reestablish its balance.

The most commonly attributed kombucha benefits include better digestion, increased energy, and a clearer mind.

A dietitian explains the benefits of Kombucha

"Finally, a way to obtain the benefits of kombucha without the taste of traditional kombucha! I use the energy formulation as my pre-workout and have seen an incredible difference in my stamina, without the palpitations or other unwanted side effects of stimulants. Additionally, as a gastroenterologist, I have noticed improvements in gut health due to the probiotic blend. Add the affordable cost and portability of this product, and it is a definite home-run in my opinion!"

Dr. Marc F

"I bought this because I wanted the benefits of Kombucha but couldn't get over the taste of the tea itself. I was skeptical of this product but pleasantly surprised once I tested it."

Alison M L.

"The energy this product gives me is none like other and it suppressed my appetite too, which was unexpected, yet welcomed. I didn't have the need to snack all day."

Alex D

"It helped me staying focused and energized for the whole day. It also improved my mood. I highly recommend this product!"

Erika F